SuperHarvest Benefits:

naturally increased photosynthesis

faster growth rate

water conservation

increased yield, root mass

(longer access to water)

increased BRIX levels (plants natural sugars)

inexpensive to apply

increased root mass extends contact with moisture in soil

reduced irrigation requirements

deeper roots

provides increased access to soil nutrients

increased BRIX levels may increase crop value per weight

pre-treated seeds lead to earlier germination

higher seed survival rates

provides “missing link” needed to make foliar nutrients more effective

surfactant formulated with microscopic micelles:

a billionth of a meter in size

all ingredients in SuperHarvest are derived from plants, 100% biobased

acts as wetting agent to extend water/leaf contact

micelles bond with micronutrients and make them more soluble in water

enhances internal translocation of nutrients through crop xylem phloem systems

nutrient solutions flow more readily under osmotic pressure

absorption and translocation of most elements will improve

environmentally benign to humans, animals and nature

reduces irrigation requirements and water consumption (increased root mass)

does not require special signage when being applied, no drifting concerns

does not require special equipment when being applied

no harm if runoff effluents into watershed areas or other water systems

can be used to wash out tanks, lines and other spraying

100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

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