SUDEVTEK is located just northeast of Nashville, TN

We are active against companies like Monsanto and Dow Chemical, whose toxic chemicals are killing our soils, waterways, plants, animals and humans. We are a start up company with a lot of promise.  We intend to make a difference.  The reconstruction of our damaged environment to a naturally sustainable one is our largest concern. While vitally important and not to be abused, money is always of secondary importance to the planet and the life that we are called to be the caretakers of.

We believe that we can level the financial playing field in our favor by using environmentally beneficial products that can reverse the use of toxic chemicals by increasing the yields of organic products naturally, thereby lowering the cost of organic products, which will increase demand for organics, which will in turn eliminate the need for non-organics. This is the best way to defeat those corporations that believe in the profit motive only without any care for mankind or the planet. It is simple economics.

The same is true of big pharma, which is benefiting from food and water which has been poisoned and has little or no nutritional value. Most diseases are treatable through proper nutrition (free from toxic chemicals and loaded with naturally occurring vital nutrients) and clean, living magnetically structured water. Drugs, too, have side effects, which are treated with other drugs.  It becomes a vicious circle.  We have been a witness to all these facts on a personal level and have seen scientific writings all over the world which attest to the same. Hypocrates (the father of modern medicine) said,  "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine thy food." The Hypocratic Oath is simply no longer the virtuous oath it once was, that's for sure.

Our society's move to Solar is a way that we can make us a decent living (as Solar advisors, while we help others do the same) as we transition together to those sustainable environmental goals. Clean, self producing Solar Energy is obviously a lot more preferable than coal or oil on an environmental basis (regardless of whether you believe in global warming or not). It is also becoming more inexpensive.  There are also tax credits available, and depending on the state other incentives to go solar right now, not to mention lowering your monthly electric bill.  These federal, state and local incentives will not be around much longer.

Other things to consider are being "energy" self sufficient (off the grid) and offsetting the coming rising costs of energy "on" the grid. Producing electricity and then transmitting it for thousands of miles is not the most economical way of bringing electric energy into our homes and businesses.  As more and more people pull off the "grid", energy prices for those still  "on" the grid will rise astronomically. It is just an economic fact.

With new ZERO down financing, lower overall costs, and the many government incentives, the average homeowner can now experience an immediate decline in their monthly electricity expenses. The best thing to do is to contact us (or one of our network of advisors) and get a free no cost/ no obligation consultation to see if solar makes sense for you and your family. IT could end up saving you literally 10's of thousands of dollars in the future.

If you are interested in becoming a Solar advisor, please follow this link for more information on how you may get started.

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