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We bring Earth Sustainable Green Products and Services to the marketplace. We currently have three that we market: We are Solar Advisors (we also train others how to become solar advisors and to potentially make a good living in a growing field); SuperHarvest, a Natural, USDA Bio-preferred Plant Cell Activation Catalyst; and Magnetic Water Energizers

About Us

SUDEVTEK began on February 26, 2017 as a start up company marketing SuperHarvest, A USDA Bio-preferred plant spray that increases photosynthesis, which increases BRIX levels and root mass naturally, thereby making the plant stronger and more resistant to insects and disease, while at the same time reducing fertilizer, pesticide and water needs, thereby reducing costs and harm to the environment.

Our second product is called a Magnetic Water Energizer. Water Energizers reduce the molecular tension on water making it more bio-available to plants and animals cells. It also reduces friction in the pipes which reduces energy usage.  It also increases oxygen to the soil and water, which encourages beneficial microbe growth while decreasing pathogenic microbe growth.

Both SuperHarvest and Water Energizers dramatically increase growth efficiency in plants naturally, thereby increasing growth and crop yields, while reducing water, fertilizer and pesticide needs. The two products used together promise to revolutionize the Agricultural Industry and bring us back to a more sustainable way of farming.

Our third item is a service.  We are Solar Advisors. Our job is simply to set no cost/no obligation appointments for a solar interview with our network of premium Solar providers to show home and business owners the potential financial and environmental benefits (among others) of going solar.

We train others how to do the same, and reap the financial  rewards and satisfaction in knowing that together we are making a difference. We never do any selling.

Solar is on the forefront of a huge economic transformation of wealth that amounts to trillions of dollars. Our job is to help people while grabbing a hold of a piece of that pie.

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